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Dalmatian Jasper tumbled crystal
Dalmatian Jasper tumbled crystal Dalmation Jasper is also known as Dalmation Stone. This is a stone..
£2.95 £2.00
Ex Tax: £2.00
Pink Beryl (Morganite)
Pink Beryl (Morganite) This beautiful crystal is a heart and emotional healer. It works well with a..
£9.00 £6.00
Ex Tax: £6.00
White Howlite tumbled crystal
White Howlite Tumbled Crystal (large) Known as the 'clarity stone' for its effect on calming the mi..
£1.95 £1.65
Ex Tax: £1.65
Crazy Lace Agate crystal
Crazy Lace Agate tumbled crystal.   Agate is a very fine grained form of Quartz. It grows wit..
£2.50 £1.75
Ex Tax: £1.75
Banded Agate tumbled crystal
Banded Agate tumbled crystal Uplifting yet calming with a stabilizing influence. Helpful in treatin..
£2.95 £1.80
Ex Tax: £1.80
Mookaite tumbled crystal
Mookaite tumbled crystal Said to encourage the desire for new experiences. It is ideal for settling..
£2.75 £2.00
Ex Tax: £2.00
Pink Opal
Pink Opal Associated with love and passion. Enhances self worth, responsibility and liveliness. Rel..
£2.25 £1.35
Ex Tax: £1.35
Lapis Lazuli tumbled crystal
Lapis Lazuli tumbled crystal Top grade, lapis 20-30mm tumbled crystals A sacred stone of the Egypt..
£2.95 £2.25
Ex Tax: £2.25
Ruby Fuchsite
Ruby Fuchsite tumbled crystal Fuchsite is a variety of Muscovite, which is a form of Mica.  R..
£3.50 £2.75
Ex Tax: £2.75
Bloodstone tumbled crystal
Bloodstone tumbled crystal The 'giving stone' - calms, grounds and revitalises. Attracts abundanc..
£2.25 £1.50
Ex Tax: £1.50
Moonstone tumbled crystal
Moonstone tumbled crystal Excellent for balancing male and female energies. Especially good for hor..
£4.00 £3.50
Ex Tax: £3.50
Black Tourmaline Crystal
Black Tourmaline Crystal Protects against all forms of negativity and environmental pollutants. Bri..
£1.75 £1.20
Ex Tax: £1.20
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