• Unicorn Healing® Practitioners Mentored Online Course

Ethereal Light School of Holistic Learning presents:

Unicorn Healing® Practitioners Online Course 

We are over-joyed to be able to offer this modality via distance learning!

Enrollment opens again on the 11th of January 2018. If you would like to meet with Calista, the course Founder before you enrol, she offers a free Skype session to share directly about the program and to answer any questions you have. To set up a one-to-one connection, please email Calista direct at calistaascension@gmail.com.

What is Unicorn Healing®?

Unicorn Healing® is a soul-based energy system that brings about health, wellness and empowerment, while providing clarity of your unique path, power and purpose. First created in 2009 directed from the Unicorn realms, this means of hands-on healing and self-discovery is continually evolving to meet the needs of humankind. It acts to bridge higher awareness and the raising of consciousness.

What is involved in Unicorn Healing® treatment?

Each treatment of Unicorn Healing® is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to the meet the intentions of the recipient. In a given treatment, a trained practitioner connects to the Soul of the recipient and along with their Unicorn guides brings in Unicorn energy into where is best needed, be that on a phsyical or non-physical level.  The practitioner brings in the Unicorn energy in a certain way that is taught throughout the course and may use other elemental and celestial frequencies to support the session too. 

Is Unicorn Healing® different to Reiki?

Unicorn Healing® differs from Reiki as it comes from the celestial realms where the Unicorns reside and has a lighter, finer frequency that works from Soul level outward, to affect positive change.

What are the benefits of a Unicorn Healing® treatment?

The Unicorns believe that humankind never needs 'healing' as they appreciate we are perfect Divine beings at Soul level; yet they understand that living a physical life with free will can bring challenges and conditionings that separate us from our divinity, building up resistance and dis-ease in our being. And it is this conditioning that the Unicorns help us to shed when we are ready. In this way, receiving Unicorn Healing® can help unblock whatever feels stuck in your life, whether that is within your relationships, finances, career, physical health, or provide greater clarity into your own path, power and purpose – an area that the Unicorns delight in helping with. Above all, the recipient will always receive a treatment as directed by their own Soul.

What are the benefits from studying the Unicorn Healing® course?

An aspect that all students of the course have shared is how much they have 'found themselves' through the course; that they have awoken to who they are and have found courage to express themselves openly. Most share how much they have healed providing new inspiration and strength to persue their dreams. Others share that they have a greater sense of joy, playfulness, compassion and connection to their own Soul, spirit team and Mother Earth. That their intutition has grown and in turn their trust for life.

To hear previous students share their experiences of the system, click here or read the course above reviews.  

The Unicorn Healing® course is for those who are ready to rise and shine, and who to inspire others to do the same. The course welcomes everyone whether you wish to do this as part of your own self-discovery or whether you would like to set up your own professional practice and offer treatments. No previous energy-work experience is required, just the willingness to take part over the next 6 months. And as you join the course, know you are coming into a global family of beautiful souls who share a vision for the Earth, and all who live with her, as bright and abundant. 

During the distance practitioner course, you will discover:

·        Who the Unicorns are.

·        Where they come from.

·        Why they are returning to humankind.

·        How they can support your own joy and ascension.

·        What the Unicorn virtues are and how best to align with them. 

·        Your own Unicorn guide(s), spirit team and Soul presence.

·        The supporting role of the Elementals and the Pegasians.

·        How to align with and work with the Spiritual Rays and Sacred Symbols. 

·        Ways to heal and empower yourself.

·        Ways to heal and empower others.

 ·       How to awaken your Souls’ gifts, power and purpose. 

And recieve: 

·        An energetic attunement to the Unicorn Realm.

·        An energetic attunement to the Spiritual Rays.

·        An energetic attunement to the Pegasians and Elementals (if this is part of your Soul's purpose).

·        Ways to channelling Unicorn energy for yourself and others. 

·        Tools to letting go of limiting patterns / beliefs. 

·        30 days of spiritual practice with the Unicorns; directed self-study assignments. 

·        Access to the global student and practitioner group to share and exchange ideas. 

·        Ways to best market yourself if you wish to set up in professional practice. Access to marketting resources and support. 

What else is included in the course?

All Unicorn Healing® students receive a comprehensive training manual with direct teachings from the Unicorns, as well as other non-physical guides, along with a one-to-one distant attunement ceremony set up at a day/time that best suits you. You will also receive a special Soul Healing meditation with the Unicorns send to you as an MP3 audio.

Upon completion of your case studies and 30 day self-pratice, your practitioner certificate in Unicorn Healing® will be emailed to you to enable you to practice professionally. 

As this is a distant learning course, you can set your own pace and progression during the 6 months of the course. A committment is required however as this course is deeply transmortional - the more you put in, the more you wil receive. The Unicorns are ever-present to those who wish to better themselves and assist Mother Earth to ascend with grace. Although this course is open to all, an existing knowledge of the chakra system and basic anatomy and physiology can be benefical. 

What happens after I buy the course? 

You can undertake the Unicorn Healing® program either as self-study, i.e., following the exercises and assignments yourself and submitting your case studies when you are ready, or opt for instructor facilitation if you would like Calista to support your journey. Instructor facilitation includes email support and an hour Skype tutorial session.    

Before buying the course, please feel into what option would best suit you. After you have made your selection and paid via PayPal, you will be emailed details of the online Unicorn Healing® group where you can meet and share with other students of the course. Sharing your experiences is encouraged, especially if you opt for studying the course without mentorship. Calista will then be in touch to arrange your personal attunement and provide you with all you need to complete the program. 

What is the course investment?

£175 (self-supported) or

£250 (with instructor facilitation)

For international students who would like to pay in Euro or Dollars, click the preferred icon at the top right on the page.

Are You ready to awaken to ALL that you are? To finally live your dreams and support others along the way? May this program support your journey back to remembering and embodying the Divine Love that You are…it is time for you to SHINE!

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Unicorn Healing® Practitioners Mentored Online Course

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