Meet the Elementals MP3 Meditation by Calista

Meet the Elementals MP3 Meditation by Calista
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Take a magical step in to nature to Meet the Elementals; beings of nature that support our natural world and if we ask, help us to reach our full potential! A highly uplifting and inspiring journey that can be enjoyed often.  

This MP3 digital meditation aims to help you - 

* Relax and unwind. Will help you to release stress in exchange for peace of mind tha all is well. 

* Connect to the beings of nature from the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit for increased health and joy.

* Meet your Elemental Sprit Guide for spiritual guidance, healing and learning.

* Increase spiritual awareness and connection to Gaia (Mother Earth) healing anything within you that needs to whilst aidng your journey back to oneness.

Ideal to practise often shifting your intention each time to suit your needs, e.g., to heal an issue, answer a question, manifest a goal, release old energies and so on. Ideal to practise outside and in a group setting. 

About - This meditation draws from the 5 elements that make up our nature world - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. All that makes up physical Earth (including plant and stone life) lay elementals (nature spirits) such as, gnomes, elves, pixies, faeries, stone beings, crystal beings, dryads and wood nymphs, to name just a few. In Air lay elementals such as, sylphs, zephyrs, spirulites and imps. In Fire lay elementals such as, salamanders, fire sprites and dragons (nb: dragons can come from all elements). In Water habitats lay elementals such as, undines, mermaids, mermen, nymphs, water faeries, sprites and kelpies. And in Spirit, which encompasses all elements and elementals, lay the realm of the unicorns (including the pegasusians) and higher dimensional beings that often oversee the work of the elementals.  

The elementals primary role is environmental, and we can certainly feel this from the magic they bestow to our natural world. Have you ever sat under a tree and immediately felt at peace? Or felt your troubles melting away when you are by water? If you have, then you have felt the elementals! These ‘feelings’ are their very essence. But our nature friends can also aid us in our daily life. The earth elementals for example, can help us to look after our physical body and as such as master healers. The air guardians remind us to breathe and work on our mental body. The water elementals work on our emotional body, and help to strengthen our intuitive abilities. The fire elementals work with our intent and can inspire and motivate us like no other beings. And those classed as spirit elementals help us to maintain our connection with Source and aid our soul’s path to enlightenment.

In your meditation journey you may meet one, or more, elementals from the 5 different classes. Each drawing from their loving help and wisdom to better your life and path. 

If you would like to read more about the elementals and the different types you get please visit Silent Voices Magazine for articles all about them. Click here to browse articles. 

Meditation length - 35 min. 

Music - Melodic soundscape with peaceful and gentle tones. 

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