Selenite wand tower

Selenite wand tower
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Selenite Wand Tower (Large, 4-5 inch by 2 inch)

This beautiful and versatile Selenite tower can be used as a wand, point, placed under your therapy bed, where you sleep or based on the traditions of feng shui, in the kitchen to enhance the goodness of your food and company.

Selenite promotes a feeling of spirituality and encourages connection with the divine. Selenite has a gentle and fine vibration that is often associated with opening up the crown chakra and accessing angelic consciousness. Selenite is also useful as a tool when accessing past life material or for use when meditating.

Selenite is prized as a semi-precious mineral, and is a valuable tool for healing. Selenite enables one to achieve clarity of mind, and gain higher awareness. Fashioned as a wand, it will transmit electro-magnetic energy such as visible light along its length (very much like a bundle of optical fibres), and not surprisingly therefore, transmits healing energies very well.

In the hands of a healer, a Selenite wand can be used as a "psychic tool" for healing and related energy work

Our beautiful crystals have been enhanced with Atlantean Crystal Healing™ energy and are on special offer while stocks last.

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