Meet Your Guardian Angel CD by Calista

Meet Your Guardian Angel CD by Calista
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Meet your Guardian Angel in this our most popular CD!

Reknowned UK Intuitive Calista (and Founder of Angel Healing®) will take you on a blissful journey to meet your Guardian Angel(s). Enjoy receiving support and gudiance from your angels, as well as healing to serve your highest good.

This relaxing CD also includes a workshop on who the Angels are, what they do and how you can communicate with them to benefit your life. Interwoven by evocative music throughout, channelled directly from the angelic realm.

This CD contains:

1.Angel Workshop

2.Guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angel  and recieve Angel Healing

(bounus music after meditation to sooth and relax you)

You will receive a signed copy by Calista. 

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