• Clinozoisite tumbled crystal

Clinozoisite tumbled crystal 

A NEW addition!

Clinozoisite is a member of the Epidote family. It is a rich, complex sorosilicate of calcium and aluminium and is usually a grey green in colour. This soft pink variety, aptly termed the 'Sacred Heart' stone, is a new find from Namibia. It carries a deeply moving vibration of clarity and higher understanding.

Not to be confused with Thulite, which looks very similar and is also a silicate mineral. 

A excellent crystal to use while detoxing the body, especially after periods of radiation. Because its healing influence is most felt in the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, Clinozoisite helps to ease the grief of a broken heart, providing a space for forgiveness and self-empowerment through challenge. 

Clinozoisite carries the same propertites of Epidote, including balancing energy flow, encourgaing healing, well-being and an enhanced knowing that 'all is well'. A hopeful and comforting crystal through periods of change and stress. 

Strongly linked to the angelic realms. 

Size - Medium (20 - 30 mm) 

Origin - Namibia (a new find)

Our beautiful crystals have been enhanced with Atlantean Crystal Healing™ energy and of course, lots of EL love! and are on special offer while stocks last.

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Clinozoisite tumbled crystal

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