• Phantom Quartz wand crystal

Phantom Quartz wand point crystal

A phantom quartz crystal is one in which a smaller 'ghostlike' crystal can be seen encompassed in the larger crystal. Phantom quartz crystals are sometimes called ghost crystals, spectre crystals and shadow crystals. Size 1-2 inch point.

The method of formation allows for the absorption of learning over eons of time. It points the way toward growth and evolution.

Use to:

* Connect to your spirt guides

* Enhance meditation

* Release old patterns that do not serve your highest good

* To enhance any healing work, crystal grids or layouts. 

* Bring healing and integration to base, sacral and solar plexus chakras - especially for processing through ascension and spiritual development. 

* Aiding self-relisation and awakening unity consciousness - ideal crystal for aiding your Ascension as a whole.

Our beautiful crystals have been enhanced with Atlantean Crystal Healing™ energy and are on special offer while stocks last.

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Phantom Quartz wand crystal

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