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At Ethereal Light you can always enjoy affordable gifts, crystals and holistic products to uplift your world.

Some items up to 70% OFF! 

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Pink Opal
Pink Opal Associated with love and passion. Enhances self worth, responsibility and liveliness. Rel..
Ex Tax: £2.25
Lapis Lazuli tumbled crystal
Lapis Lazuli tumbled crystal Top grade, lapis 20-30mm tumbled crystals A sacred stone of the Egypt..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Crazy Lace Agate crystal
Crazy Lace Agate tumbled crystal.   Agate is a very fine grained form of Quartz. It grows wit..
Ex Tax: £2.50
White Howlite tumbled crystal
White Howlite Tumbled Crystal (large) Known as the 'clarity stone' for its effect on calming the mi..
Ex Tax: £1.95
Citrine Point Wand
 Citrine 1.5 - 2.5 inch crystal point  Citrine is the 'success stone'. This cry..
Ex Tax: £3.50
Moonstone tumbled crystal
Moonstone tumbled crystal Excellent for balancing male and female energies. Especially good for hor..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Prehnite tumbled crystal
Prehnite tumbled crystal Linked to the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras it opens the doors of communi..
Ex Tax: £3.60
Picasso Stone crystal
Picasso Stone crystal As its name suggests, this crystal looks like it has been painted giving rise..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Apache Tear (Raw)
Apache Tear Raw Crystal.    Apache Tear is a gentler form of obsidian, translucent when ..
Ex Tax: £3.25
Yellow Jasper  crystal
Yellow jasper Protects during spiritual work and physical travel. Increases positive energy and the..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Tigers Eye Golden crystal
Tigers Eye Golden crystal Known as the chameleon stone, Tigers Eye was originally used as a talis..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Red Jasper Tumbled Crystal.
Red Jasper Tumbled Crystal. Encourages stability, positivity and the safe removal of withheld anger..
Ex Tax: £1.75
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