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Ethereal Light is now an online shop and holistic school (formerly Dundee's most popular holistic centre). Our shop stocks healing and rare crystals, hand-crafted jewellery, gifts, holistic courses and the Ascension Kits® made by Ethereal Light's Founder, Calista. These special kits aid alignment to the beauty, love and wisdom of your inner being and being you in direct connection with the Angels, Elementals, God/Goddesses, Star Systems and many more light consciousness.

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Below is Calista's story of how she started Ethereal Light back in 2009. 

With lots of love and blessings, 

Ethereal Light x

My spiritual path started from a young age. I was privileged to learn divination, palmistry and even to read people from the age of 7 from a wonderful and wise lady in my home town of Blairgowrie. She helped to open up my spiritual gifts and to trust in them. 

My child-hood home was surrounded by a natural stream, framed by an array of Rowan, Hawthorn, Elderberry, and Ash trees that always had an air of magic about them. Although we were not well-off materially, we were well-off with the ethereal beauty of the countryside. My mother and great aunt ,both spiritualists ,would take me for country walks to teach me about the Trees and the healing energies they possessed and my grandmother, the main matriarch of our family, taught me about the properties of herbs and how we all had the ability to heal ourselves from what could be found in the nature. 

As I grew up, my path changed direction. I gained a degree in Medical Biotechnology and went on to work as a Cancer Research Scientist for the next 6 years. My life appeared to those looking in as a good life, but deep down I wasn't happy and knew that the journey I was on wasn't destined for me. 

One day I was looking for an evening class and a course in Reiki appeared to jump out to me! I remember I didn't even know what Reiki was but 'knew' it was for me. As I reached the Reiki Master level, my life started to look and feel very different. Although it was a challenging experience, I felt it was right to give up my scientific career. It was difficult to let go of the fear that came with this change: fears of the unknown, of failure and of material constrictions. But I knew no matter what I had to get over, I had to get back on my spiritual path and was so grateful to Reiki for waking me up again! 

Remembering the joy I experienced making herbal remedies and perfumes with my Grandmother I decided to study Herbal Medicine, and in 2007 gained my diploma to practice professionally. I also went on to study Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and Angel Therapy, as well as learning in depth my past lives through meditation, paganism and spiritual development. Fusing all modalities, I began to work with my spirit guides and the archangels, and later directly with God (Source/Divine/All that Is). It was then that I gained the knowledge that my soul's mission was to re-awaken ancient healing modalities and bring forth knowledge and tools from all the different realms to help others. 

I discovered that my scientific background was not in vain as began to make natural skincare products and herbal remedies for family and friends, which later bore KittySoapsTM “ the first skincare company to enhance its products with Reiki, Angelic, Elemental and Crystal healing energies. Each product was unique combining traditional science with age-old herbal wisdom. But what made them more special was that each product contained channelled Reiki healing within it as well as Archangel, Elemental, Deity and Crystal healing energies too. These energies enhanced the wonderful properties of the ingredients used but also allowed the products to became spiritual development tools in their own right. Many of my customers kindly told me that they received great benefit from using the products as meditation tools or to bring in healing, wisdom and/or insight from the particular energy that was imbued within. 

Although I loved nothing more than making these products, I knew my journey did not end with KittySoaps. I began to meditate daily and was told that I would open up a holistic centre that would be for the people; that the angels and God would provide. I was unsure how this would come about but I trusted the divine information nonetheless, and began to manifest this centre in to my life. Within what seemed just a few weeks, a retail competition in my local town of Dundee was advertised. They were looking for budding entrepreneurs to open up new retail outlets in town. I thought, “why not” and entered. After a series of 'Dragon Den' style interviews I won the competition! I was overjoyed and had never felt before so many of our 'un-seen' friends around me than I did throughout the competition “ they really wanted me to win the retail unit, which later became Ethereal Light. Looking back I see why as it really is a place of calm and inspiration for the people of Dundee.

So many of our customers comment on Ethereal Light's healing atmosphere and will pop in not only for products and therapies but just any time they feel a bit stressed, it “revives them” they say! It really has been wonderful to watch the centre grow and has now become a home-away-from-home for so many people. 

Through my own spiritual development I have been humbled to work with all planes of existence and experienced the wonder of unicorns, faeries, angels etc but it wasn't until I opened Ethereal Light that I became fully 'aware'. I was asked directly by God to embrace my soul's gift, which was to use all that I had learned from previous incarnations, especially my times in Sirius, Atlantis and my Angelic past lives to bring forth a way that people could easily access the direct consciousness of God and all his kingdom, whether it be to attune to a faerie, to a star system or to a consciousness beyond time and spaces itself. This was a great responsibility and one that I did not enter lightly! 

After a great deal of meditation, I received sacred information from each being / consciousness that wished to be represented and from this we started to work together to make the Ascension Kits©. Each being / consciousness gave me specific instruction on how 'their' kit was to be made, along with affirmations and tools that when used together would attune anyone who used the kit. This was unlike anything I had experienced before. Although I have been an energy therapist for many years I have never experienced anything like I did / do with these kits. So much so in fact that God has guided me to write a book about my experiences with these divine beings. They have imparted so much information, healing and love to me through making these sacred kits that I feel it has to be shared. What is even more wonderful is that the kits grow with you as your grow and develop spiritually, and once you are attuned, you will always be. They are not products channelled through man, they are the direct consciousness of the being represented “ true gifts from the divine.

I feel there is so much more to come in my journey and am very humbled and honoured to help others on theirs. This is my divine path, my soul gift to you... 

In Divine Love always, 
Calista x

(Founder of Ethereal Light, Angel Healing®, Atlantean Crystal Healing™ and the Ascension Kits®)


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